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When You're Ready To Become The Obvious Choice In Your Market, You Hire Immortal Marketing...

Real Help, Superior Results

When your lead flow is drying up, the best thing you can do is get the right help.

When you're busy running your business, it's perfectly normal to have trouble with the marketing. Yet, most companies that offer to help are full of it. Crap. Garbage. Shit.

Agencies make huge promises. When it comes time to prove they can produce results, they either fail completely or disappear.

The right training can help, but most trainers are awful. They can barely string 2 words together, let alone show you how to do something that actually helps you sell more products or services.

What if there was a better way? The ability to get the help you need without giving away all of your profits. Real ROI from the great marketing that makes your company look amazing in the eyes of your tribe?

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A fully custom solution is what makes all the difference.

You may need copy rewrites, advertising help, or a full content marketing plan (with execution, too). Every situation is unique and you'll get the help you need with us.

  • Make it look like you're everywhere.

  • Optimize your systems for better conversions

  • Enjoy your new, constant lead flow and sales.

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    Business Goal #1

    Finding The Fastest Path To More Revenue

    You currently have one (or more) thing blocking your prospects from becoming customers. Whether it's a conversion issue or a desperate need for fresh traffic sources, we'll move quickly to bring the sales in faster. It makes sense to start with the lowest hanging fruit.

    Lead Generation

    Be Everywhere.

    By focusing on the "Traffic Trinity" of Content, Ads, and Social you end up appearing like you're all over the internet. This helps prospects feel better about paying you. After all, shady companies are normally hard to find.

    Most companies focus on defying Google through loopholes and shady back doors to syphon traffic dishonestly. While this can work for awhile, it's temporary at best.

    Our primary SEO focus is to get the basics on your site in place and then fill it with strategic content that drives prospects to buy. This naturally gives Google what they want and increases your rankings.

    Social media is not what most companies think it is. Being loud about a sale is not going to attract anyone new to your business. It will also annoy the people that currently enjoy your products and services.

    Social selling requires more than the ability to sell. You have to put in the effort to make people feel good about buying from you. Education, a little snark, and positive energy are required before you should ever ask for someone to buy.

    Smarter Advertising

    The Beginning Dictates Where You End Up

    While most companies throw a ton of traffic at your offer to see if something will stick, we take an entirely unique approach. In fact, we generally work in the opposite direction altogether.

    Facebook has been our priority as a company, but we've performed well on most networks. The key is to understand the nature of the ad and the way it is interrupting prospects. We use 99% video ads and all ads are produced in-house. By catering to the experience of the traffic your ads are targeting, we're able to produce superior results.

    Here's a single account where we managed over 1 million dollars in ad spend to produce results for 70% less than the previous agency:

    For this client, we've been able to produce a return of over 12X ad spend consistently on Facebook for over 3 years:

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    Here's what our longest running client says about us:

    "Ross has produced ads that get us 12.33X return on our ad spend of just over 6 figures and transformed that into 7 figures in tracked sales. His ad copy is currently converting at 15.25%, which is better than the copy we paid a high end copywriter for. He's done everything from content marketing to copywriting to managing our ads for us. Our company is incredibly grateful for the help he's provided and we're looking forward to working with him for years to come."

    Harris Fellman

    Harris Fellman

    Founder - T4ME

    When you need CMO level guidance without the crazy salary costs of hiring one, Immortal Marketing will give you the Fractional CMO you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring one the old way:

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